Introducing Electrostatic Disinfection





As we continue to tackle the spread of COVID-19, the advice is clear about keeping hygiene standards at an all-time high.  You will want to protect your business and provide peace of mind for your staff and visitors.

Traditional cleaning methods are a great first step in disinfecting, but it is virtually impossible to disinfect every square inch of surface area in a building this way. Not only is it prohibitively expensive in terms of labour, but also unrealistic in terms of time available. In reality, germs and bacteria spread into hard-to-reach surfaces faster than we can clean them away. 

Studies and tests have shown:

  • Desks found to have 400 x more bacteria than a toilet seat*

  • In 2-4 hours, viruses can spread to 60% of a building’s occupants from a single doorknob**

  • Gym treadmills have 74 times more bacteria on average than a public bathroom tap***


Miss Mop offers Electrostatic Disinfecting - a new service which is both cost and time efficient whilst ensuring maximum performance. Ideal for infection prevention, sanitisation and importantly decontamination,

Electrostatic sprayers provide an electrical charge to cleaning solutions. The charged particles envelop all surfaces and hidden places where pathogens grow, disinfecting areas where potential disease and infections, such as Coronavirus, are known or are thought to have been. This is key, especially for companies with large work forces or high visitor numbers, in helping to minimise and reduce the spread.

What is Electrostatic?

The technology provides an electrical charge to solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage. Double-charged particles envelop all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical and underneath. This provides a fast and effective application method, while using less solution. This is key when it comes to decontamination.

The technical bit...

An electrostatic sprayer coats up to 1000m2 on a single tank of fluid, which takes around 4-5 hours. We spray using “Control”, which is the only persistent solution on the market that is not silver based and does not use Nano technology – basically a completely eco-friendly solution, tested to eradicate Noro, SARS and Coronavirus, with up to 4-week surface protection*.

Why is Electrostatic Disinfecting so effective?

Harmful pathogens can live on surfaces for days and will potentially double every 20 minutes given the right conditions. This provides ample opportunity to create situations for cross contamination. Conventional cleaning and disinfecting does some of the work. However, the evolutionary flexibility of modern pathogens is such that we need to add new strategies to manage cross contamination and microbial load. Electrostatic disinfecting provides a broad-spectrum approach to disinfecting a complete surface area and an entire room as we have never seen before.

Our Approach

For any areas with visible dirt a cleaner/detergent can be used in the traditional way. This should be done, if required, with disposable cloths to avoid cross-contamination.  This initial clean can be carried out by Miss Mop personnel or your normal cleaning contractors/processes.  This initial clean is not included in the price quoted for electrostatic disinfection. We then electrostatically spray with disinfectant – this offers up to 4-weeks* environmental protection. As the disinfectant solutions are water based, the surfaces dry in less than a minute and areas are safe to enter immediately

To compliment the full environment electrostatic disinfection, regular cleaning/sanitisation procedures should be followed.  If you would like us to quote for continued regular cleaning services, please let us know.

*At times of virus outbreak, we recommend spraying with Control on a monthly basis to keep on top of all surfaces and to ensure there is always a level of persistence.

How much does it cost?

We calculate the cost of electrostatic disinfection by the square metre, so please supply this information for the areas you would like us to disinfect.  We shall provide you with a no obligation quotation. Works can be carried out at any time, to suit the needs of your business. 

Please email for a quotation:

*   Printerland UK 2018

**  NHS Choices 2020