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Safety Guidelines Holiday Lets/Short-Let Rentals - Updated 6 June 2020


Miss Mop aims to comply fully with the most up to date government guidelines with regard to Coronavirus. We are following the latest government guidance which currently (4 May 2020) states that work carried out in people’s homes can continue, provided the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).


1. Notification of ‘at risk’ properties

Owners are required to inform Miss Mop in writing (email), prior to the agreed changeover time, if the departing guests have knowingly been in contact with anyone who has, or themselves have tested positive for or been symptomatic with Coronavirus. As a result, the changeover will be delayed by 24 hours (in line with CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention) recommendations.


For any properties let to medical workers on the front lines of the Coronavirus the changeover will be delayed for 24 hours following the departure of the guests. Otherwise, for regular guests we are able to undertake same day changeovers as usual.


2. Establishing arrangements in advance

The dates and times of changeovers will be agreed in advance between Miss Mop and the owner to eliminate the possibility of contact between the departing guests and the cleaner. Any change to the regular cleaning routine will also be discussed at this time.


3. Social distancing

If for any reason the cleaner arrives before guests have departed, social distancing measures will be observed. The cleaner will not enter the property until the guests have departed.


4.Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Cleaners will wear PPE (disposable gloves and masks) at all times whilst working inside a property. Aprons are optional. Cleaners are to wash their hands (or use hand sanitiser) immediately after removing gloves.


5. Ventilating property

The cleaner will endeavour to ventilate the property on arrival so will be opening outside doors and windows to increase air circulation and will ensure that all are secure before leaving.


6. Thorough personal hygiene

Cleaners will wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, using soap and water, on arrival and departure. Cleaners should also carry their own hand sanitiser. To prevent the spread of germs, they shall avoid touching their face, nose, and eyes with unwashed hands.


7. Preventing the spread of germs

When it comes to preventing the spread of germs, it helps to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning is the act of removing germs, dirt, and impurities. Disinfecting is when chemicals are used to kill germs (like spraying with a bleach solution). By cleaning first, then disinfecting, we can lower the risk of infection.


In kitchens & bathrooms (and other rooms where possible), we recommend using detergent or soap and water to remove dirt, grease, dust, and germs. Once the surface is clean, it will be sprayed with a disinfectant which is allowed to stand for a few minutes, then wiped/dried.If not using paper towels or disposable wipes, a new cleaning cloth should be used for each room.


8. Using the right products

Most common household disinfectants, or products with at least 70% alcohol, are believed to be effective against the coronavirus. Cleaners will check expiry dates on products if shown.


9. Hard and soft surfaces

Cleanliness is ever more critical as we all aim to reduce the spread of infection. It is possible for someone to contract coronavirus by touching a contaminated surface such as a doorknob or light switch and the virus may live on some surfaces for several hours or even days. That’s why it’s essential to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces often, especially between bookings.


Cleaners will pay special attention to frequently touched surfaces & items like light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, taps and toilet flush buttons/handles.


Sofas, rugs, curtains, and other soft, porous surfaces will be vacuumed to carefully remove any visible dirt, then cleaned with the appropriate cleaners indicated for use on these surfaces.


10. Laundry

Cleaners will be wearing gloves when handling dirty laundry, and will take care to avoid shaking laundry, which could increase the spread of germs. 


Where arrangements are already in place for Miss Mop to liaise with a laundry provider on your behalf, we shall continue to do so. Under the current circumstances it is recommended for all linens that guests have access to, including blankets and even towels/bedding that have not be used are sent for cleaning as a precautionary measure.


11. Vacuum cleaner & appliances

Vacuum cleaners will be emptied after every use and will be wiped down with disinfectant, before and after use, along with other appliances used/touched like dishwashers and washing machines.


12. Bins

All bins will be lined with bin liners to enable more hygienic emptying of waste products. Lids and handles of internal and external bins will be disinfected.


13. Safely remove & dispose of PPE & wash clothing 

When you’ve finished each clean, immediately remove any protective outerwear like aprons, gloves & masks, and dispose of them safely or wash accordingly.

Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds afterwards. 

On returning home, remove all clothing ASAP and wash at the highest recommended temperature.  Take a shower or bath & wash your hair.

Cleaners will take time to disinfect car door handles, steering wheel, gear stick etc.,


14. Between properties

When cleaners finish at the property, they will immediately remove any protective PPE and dispose of them safely or wash accordingly and hand wash for at least 20 seconds.


On arrival at home they shall remove all clothing ASAP and wash at the highest recommended temperature, take a shower or bath and wash their hair. Cleaners will take time to disinfect car door handles, steering wheel, gear stick etc.

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